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Redemption Kids

What would happen if children began learning about the greatness of God at an early age? What if they began to recognize in concrete ways how God relates to absolutely everything in life? Imagine if they not only learned about God’s great love for them in Jesus Christ but also began to embrace it with all their hearts? Imagine the impact if week in and week out they were taught by people who loved God and treasured His word?

We want kids at Redemption Hill to have this kind of story.

Redemption Kids exists to equip, support, and encourage parents to fulfill their God-given responsibility to train their children in the things of God. We also believe that within the church God has empowered gifted teachers, storytellers, worship leaders, and small group leaders for ministry to children. Therefore, we desire to partner with parents to impart God-centered, age-appropriate, faith-building truth from the Bible. We believe that we can pursue this aim in a way that will still be fun for the kids.  We provide screening, training, a security system, and a secure building to help make this possible. 

Sunday Experience  

On Sunday mornings during our worship service children get to experience Transformation Station. We want Transformation Station to be an exceptional place for our child's growth and a place where parents feel confident and secure leaving their children. 

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Parent Information 

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and inviting place for your children.  We hope the information here will help you and your children to have a great experience in Transformation Station. 

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Our desire is to equip and encourage you as parents to fulfill your God-given responsibility to train your children in the things of God. We hope the resources provided here will be beneficial to you and your family. 

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Community Groups 

We have Community Groups that meet throughout the week, and, while these are open for the entire family, certain Groups are more conducive for kids. Specifically, childcare is provided for the Wednesday evening Group in Medford (7-8:30p). Check out our Groups by clicking below and for more information on how specific groups serves kids, please contact the respective community group leader.

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