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We value community at Redemption Hill, because we believe the gospel creates a new community of people called to enjoy life together. In fact, we believe we should intentionally seek to live in community because God is a relational God. Since he has created us in his image (Gen. 1:27), there are desires at the core of every one of us for relationships that provide support, strength, love, understanding, and a sense of belonging. God clearly teaches in the words of the Bible, that living life, and especially the Christian life, should not be a solo project. Therefore, Redemption Hill Church not only gathers on Sundays to worship God, but we also meet in smaller, Community Groups.

What is an RHC Group?

A group of people (usually between 6 and 20) that meet regularly together in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, churches, or any location that is convenient for the participants. Feel free to try a couple of groups out to find the best fit.

What kinds of Groups are available?

  • Community Groups are weekly gatherings where we spend time hanging, applying the Bible to our lives, praying, and encouraging one another.
  • Explore: Life Explored Groups provide a space for people to explore more about the person and work of Jesus. Check out this video!
  • Start Groups help those new or want a fresh start in grasping the fundamentals of following Jesus.
  • Equip Groups are focused on particular topics for the purpose of growth.

Is Childcare provided for each meeting?

Groups offer childcare on a case-by-case scenario. If there’s a Group that you’re interested in, reach out to the Group leader to explore childcare options.

When and where do Groups meet?

Click here for a full list of group times, locations, and contact info. 

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Community Groups will begin 1/21

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This group is geared for new and renewed followers and those who want to disciple followers of Christ.

1/25-3/15 - Leader: Chris Concannon Location: RHC Community Space (75 Riverside Ave, Medford)

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