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Redemption Hill is a church that strives to equip college students to grow deeper in the gospel, get involved in biblical community, and be missional on their campuses and beyond.

Below are some of the key ways college students grow in their faith through God's mission at RHC.

Corporate Worship on Sundays  

Corporate Worship is every Sunday morning at 10:30am at Medford High School. 

There are also numerous ways to connect and serve on Sundays (Greeter, Usher, Setup, Teardown, Music, Media, Children). Contact us to get involved.

Community Groups throughout the week

You cannot live the Christian life alone. Community Groups provide the primary context for you to foster biblical community and serve others. They provide a great home environment for many students who are hundreds of miles from family. We have two groups that are within walking distance from Tufts. For more information visit our Community Groups page.


Click here to get Google Maps Directions to Redemption Hill Church from your location!

Discipling Relationships

We see the significant role of one-on-one discipling relationships in the pursuit of godliness and would love to connect you with a mature believer. If you desire to be discipled, talk with your Community Group leader or email Pastor Jon Chasteen.

Missions and Ministry Opportunities

  • Serve throughout the year with our Local Partnerships

  • Summer Missions with Summer LINK

    How would you like to spend your next summer with other college students from all over the world serving God, discipled in your walk with Christ, and go out trained to impact nations for the Kingdom? This summer you’ll have eleven exciting locations to choose from including Boston!

You can find out more information here, please email Jon Chasteen to discuss this awesome opportunity.

  • One-Year Staff Opportunities with Generation LINK

    How would you like to spend a year or two after graduation contributing meaningfully to the ministries of the local church, challenged through personal discipleship, and trained theologically? Generation LINK provides the opportunity for you to do this. 

    You can find our more information here. If interested, please email Jon Chasteen to discuss this awesome opportunity.