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Our Partners

Because IMB is committed to “connecting church with unreached people – connecting unreached people with the Gospel”, we remain committed to cooperation across the globe. 

Because NAMB exists to work with churches, associations and state conventions to mobilize the church as a missional force to impact North America with the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism and church planting, we appreciate our ongoing partnership of mutual faithful support.

This includes a commitment to SEND NORTH AMERICA, a national strategy for mobilizing churches to plant churches as well as mobilizing church planters and other missionaries to assist with those efforts.


Because THE PILLAR NETWORK exists to cooperate with local churches, individuals, and businesses to promote church planting and church revitalization in North America, we participate as a church planting other churches so that disciples are multiplied and sent out to plant and revitalize other churches.


With a vision of "New England and our world transformed by missional churches", we are engaged with our BCNE ministries and partner churches to see our region impacted by the Gospel.



Because VISION NEW ENGLAND is committed to “unifying, encouraging, and equipping the diverse body of Christ in New England for intentional evangelism”, we affirm this vision of mutual cooperation.



Because GBBA is an association of member churches committed to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in Greater Boston, we actively encourage one another as we seek to fulfill this great mission to our city.



Sharing a desire to develop Christian leaders who are thoughtful, globally aware, spiritually mature, and ready for a broad array of ministries, we eagerly participate in the Mentored Ministry Program of GCTS in order to provide integration between academics and practice in the local church while being rooted in the Gospel and God’s Word.

As an intensive discipleship program owned and operated by local churches through national and international partnership, GENERATION LINK connects local churches to laborers impacting nations for the Kingdom through residential as well as short-term commitments – including our church.

Because THE GOSPEL COALITION is committed to "equipping the next generation for gospel-faithful ministry and promoting church reform and culture transformation", we readily access opportunities and resources developed for successful implementation of gospel doctrine and gospel culture.


Because 9Marks wants “to help local churches re- establish their biblical bearings and re-think their ministry methods”, we access and implement relevant insights in the execution of our daily ministry.